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Where Our Teas Are From
Where Our Teas Are From
Our teas are from Taimu Mountains in Fuding (northeastern Fujian Province, China). The original and traditional white tea processing techniques have been preserved and developed by Fuding people, which can be traced back to Zhou Dynasty (1046 BC–256 BC) and literally recorded in the book “The Classic of Tea” written by Lu Yu from Tang Dynasty(618-907). Our supplier who owns the organic farms is certified by IMO.

Surrounded by the sea on three sides, Taimu Mountain National Scenic Area is known as the “abode of immortals on the sea” for its unique cluster-stone egg landform, bizarre caves, spectacular waterfalls, perpetually fog-shrouded peaks and the historical/cultural sites. It is part of Ningde Geopark, which was added to Global Geoparks Network by UNESCO in 2010.
White Tea Cake - Magic of Time
White Tea Cake - Magic of Time
White tea is one of the few in tea family that can stand the test of time. As the saying goes, about white tea, “one year as tea, three years as medicine and seven years as treasure”. Aged white tea is highly appreciated for its enriched flavor and the strengthened health benefits. As it ages, the value can be increased. Grassy taste fading out, the aged white tea cake is featured with mellow and enchanting Chinese medicinal herb flavor. Its liquor has been “painted” with reddish orange beams. Your palate will be treated with the magic of time!

Since the climate conditions worldwide are various, “young” white tea will therefore be developed with slightly different “characters” and taste at your place. Why not take new-born white tea cake home at a more favorable price and make your OWN tea?
Silver Needle - Legendary Delicacy
Silver Needle - Legendary Delicacy
Historically as royal tribute, Silver Needle (Bai Hao Yin Zhen in Chinese) is among the most revered of white teas and considered one of the most rare and valuable variety in tea family. Genuine Silver Needles are made from the first terminal buds of high-quality cultivars of the Fu Ding Da Bai (large white) tea tree, of which the best harvest timing comes only once a year during early spring (before QingMing Festival).

Its health benefits include helping lower blood pressure/lipid/sugar, boosting immune system, detoxifying and traditionally used as antipyretic for the treatment of measles. Silver Needle retains rich active enzymes which are generally one time higher than the other teas. It also has high contents of free amino acids and active antioxidants with catechin in its tea polyphenols.

With refreshing and unique pekoe flavor, you will be impressed by the pure “character” of Silver Needle. Its adorable tippy appearance and the spectacle of bud standing in tea cup enhance the extraordinarily enjoyable drinking experience. Come here and take it home!

A connoisseur‘s Guide to The World of White Tea

We’re a Swedish-Chinese tea company specialized in limited organic Chinese tea, especially premium white tea. We offer worldwide delivery and share tea knowledge, experience as well as inspiration through both company website and offline events.
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    2013 Spring White Tea Cake(2013春白茶饼)

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